To make a booking from your backoffice, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the Planning module

2. Click on the Calendar 

3. Click on a date in the calendar 

4. Add Pax and Nights 

5. Add Booker 

6. Add other guests (optional in group bookings) Note: if you do not provide the guest details, both guests will automatically appear as Nameless Guest.

7. Finish booking 

Note: if you offer multiple currencies you can change the currency of the booking in the down-left corner of the side-modal. Note that each currency will have to be entered into the product settings in order to make a booking in that currency.

8. Change the Booking Status. For more information on booking status please refer to this article.

9. Close the window or Open the booking 

If the booker you are entering is a return customer, the system will suggest names beneath the booker field, which you can select:

If the booker you are entering is not already in the system, you will need to fill out the bookers details:

1. Enter the first and last name

2. Enter the email address of the booker- note you must use a unique email address here for each booker. If you enter the same email address as a previous booking, the booker name will update in those previous booking. 

3. Enter the phone number

4. Enter the language

5. Save the booker details

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