In the bookings page (Bookings > Bookings), the booking # column will present the booking reference number and a small icon alongside it.

Each icon corresponds to the source of the res    pective booking, or, in other words, to where the booking is coming from.

There are different types of icons depending on three different booking sources (referrals, Frontoffice and Backoffice bookings). An explanation of each comes as follows:

1. Referral bookings -> A logo of the referral might show up right next to the booking reference. Some of the referrals don't have a logo registered in the system, so in this case, a two-way arrow icon will be displayed as a reference to the referral booking.

To have a better overview of referrals, it's also possible to activate a referral column in the visible columns section:

2. Backoffice bookings -> Bookings made via the Backoffice calendar will present the "screen" icon.

3. Frontoffice bookings -> Bookings made via the Frontoffice will present the little "shop" icon.

To know more about how to add partners and create referral bookings, please refer to this article.

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