Bookinglayer makes a difference between Bookers and Guests. A Booker is the person who makes the booking and a Guest is a customer who visits your business but does not necessarily book, it could be the friend of family member of the Booker.

Client information can be found by

1. clicking on Bookings Module

2. clicking on Clients

Please note: If a Booker is also a Guest, then one profile will be created under each section.

The overview of the clients can be customised by clicking on Table Columns Icon and exported by choosing the preferred format.

1.  The Bookers details can be accessed by clicking directly on their name, which will open a side modal

2. In the modal you can flick between tabs of other information to do with the booker - their Booking History, Sent Emails, Notes and if they are apart of a Mailchimp List.

3. Custom fields that have been assigned to Bookers will appear below the Address fields

1.  Guest profiles  can be entered by clicking on their names 

2.Under Personal Detail, there are different information fields such as Levels, Diets, Date of birth and Language. Also Booking History and MailChimp status can be viewed from here. 

3. Any custom fields can be created and assigned to Guest profiles. They are shown under default fields.

To learn how to set up custom fields please refer to this article.

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