Sometimes it makes sense to receive enquiries instead of automatic bookings in order to collect more information about the guests. Some businesses want to make sure that the guests have similar interests or like to do different things and that way are more spread out. 

Enquiries are listed 

1. under Bookings Module

2. in the Enquiries Section

3. On Enquiries page you can view the Source, see Received date and find Sender info.

4. By clicking on the sender name you can see more information about the booker.

5. The enquiries can be viewed as an email or in Gmail

Please notice that Bookinglayer automatically creates a new client (Booker) if the enquiry comes from a non-client. This validation is based on the user email address - if the person who sent over the enquiry already has an email registered in Bookinglayer, the system will not create another client, thus will store the enquiry on the existing clients' profile)

7. See the email history and send a response to enquiry by clicking on the sender name and then compose email.

Bookinglayer will store all emails that you exchange with clients who have enquired through your website (it does not matter if you reply to these enquiries through Gmail or Bookinglayer).

You can find the booking related enquiries and other email communication under the emails tab on the booking page.

In order to integrate with Gmail, please refer this article. If you need help with setting the Gmail enquiries up, please refer this article.

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