This article assumes that you have already connected your Bookinglayer account with Gmail.

If you haven't done it yet, please refer to this article.

Steps on how to receive your enquiries in Bookinglayer

1. Go to the Settings module

2. Click on Integrations

3. Select the Gmail tab

4. Choose the Subject for your enquiry

5. Save your changes

What should I write in the subject field?

Every time an email comes to your mailbox, it has a title associated. The title from your enquiries is the enquiry subject line that you need to enter in Bookinglayer.

In the example below, "Surf camp Package - Enquiry" is the subject of your enquiry. You can either choose to write the full text to only grab enquiries from this particular enquiry, or if you have more enquiries with a common word in it, you can just write that common word in the subject field in Bookinglayer.

In the example presented in this article, we entered the word "Enquiry" as the subject line. In this case, Bookinglayer will receive all emails containing the word "Enquiry".

Quick Tip: You can ask your web developer to set all of your enquiries subject line to have the word "enquiry", so you just need to enter the word "enquiry" to the subject field in Bookinglayer. Please remember to choose a unique title for your enquiries, otherwise, the system can pull random emails with the same title that has nothing to do with your enquiries.

i.e: If you enter the subject "Good morning" in the subject field, Bookinglayer will pull all emails with the subject line containing the word "good morning".

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