In case you use Xero for Invoicing you can skip this section.
By default, Bookinglayer inserts your company name, address information and VAT number on each invoice. 

1. Click on the Settings Module 

2. Click on the General Settings

3. Click on the Invoicing 

You will see four setting categories: Layout, Numbering, Closing invoices, and VAT Breakdown.

Closing the invoice

Closed on Departure date - Your invoices will stay set as a draft until the booking reaches its check-out date. Everything that you add to the booking until the check-out date will be added to the same invoice.

Closed when booking is confirmed - As soon as the booking gets a confirmed status, the invoice gets closed. Everything that you add to the booking after the booking is confirmed will go to a separate invoice.

Find more information about closing invoices here.

Layout, numbering and VAT

You can also customise the Layout, Numbering and the option to display or hide the VAT on invoice lines.

On the layout section, you can edit the Invoice template and send a test to yourself in order to see how it looks like:

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