To integrate Bookinglayer with your Stripe account, have both your Stripe account and Bookinglayer account open.

1. Click on Settings.

2. Click on Payment Gateways.

3. Click on Stripe

4. A new screen pops up, in which you will have to copy-paste the Publishable Key and the Secret Key. Enter your Stripe account on their website. In your Account settings, there is a tab for API Keys. Here you will see 4 fields, for both Test and Live Secret and Publishable Keys. Copy and paste the Live Secret Key and the Live Publishable Key from Stripe into the respective fields in Bookinglayer.

Lastly, the Surcharge relates to any surcharge percentage that you want to add to the payment if the customer decides to use this payment method. Please consult the rules and regulations of your country regarding these surcharges before applying them to your payment methods.

Make sure to Save the changes. Your Stripe account is now registered and your payment methods will show on the Payment Page. 

*Alternative Methods
Stripe doesn't just offer card payments. Alternative methods as Ideal and Sofort are provided. Learn how to process those payments with the following article:

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