In general, when an inventory item such as a room is set as hidden from Frontoffice, it is not shown in the Frontoffice and clients are not able to directly book that item. You can, however, still add this hidden room to your packages and your clients will be able to choose it only within that package.

In order to manage what is shown in the Frontoffice,

1. Click on Inventory Module

2. Click on one of the Inventory Item Categories
In this example,

3. Click on the Accommodation you want to modify

4. Go to the Frontoffice tab of the Accommodation

5. Here you can see that it's set to Hidden in the Frontoffice

6. By adding the Accommodation to one of the  Frontoffice Categories the Inventory Item becomes visible in the Frontoffice and can be booked by your clients

As mentioned above, sometimes you might want to make rooms, activities or other inventory items to be bookable only within packages. For example you sell a retreat which includes an accommodation, but you do not want people to be able to book that accommodation item outside the retreat package.
Here's how you do this:

1. Set the inventory item itself as hidden from Frontoffice.

To then add it to a package in the following way:

2. Click on Inventory Module 

3. Click on Packages 

4. Go to the Package you want to modify 

5. Make sure that the Package is visible in the Frontoffice

6. Click on Package Contents

7. Add a new item or click on the item you want to modify

8. Make sure this item is visible in the Frontoffice within that package.

Now the inventory item is visible in the Frontoffice only inside the package. 

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