The checkout form in the Frontoffice can be managed within the checkout settings in the Backoffice. 

1. Go to the Settings Module

2. Click on Frontoffice Settings

3. In the Frontoffice Settings, go to Check Out and Guest Details

How to manage checkout details

4. One option here is to Disable checkout. See more information about disabling checkout in this article.

5. Here you can decide what information you want to obtain from your guests at the time of booking. You can:

  • allow the customers to opt-in to promotional material, for example Mailchimp
  • accept coupons
  • request or require address details
  • request or require phone number

Note that 'Request phone number' must be active in order to be able to 'require phone number'. 

6. Here you can set a minimum age for the booker to be allowed to make a booking.

How to manage guest details

Under the Guest Details section on the right, it is possible to 

8. Request email addresses and request/require age or birthday from the guests

9. For the age and birthday it's possible to select age dropdown selector or birthday date picker

10. Define minimum age for guests

11. Use a genderless booking form. For more information, please see this article

12. Don't forget to Save

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