Gift certificates are a Bookinglayer Pro feature. If you want to make use of gift certificates then please reach out  to our support or sales team.

Once the feature has been activated, you will find it under the Sales module.

How to work with Gift Certificates

To create a Gift certificate:

 1. Click on add
2. Assign an existing category or create a new one
3. Give it a title

4. Set a  price that represents the value of the gift certificate
5. If desired, add an image and description

To make a Gift Certificate bookable:

6. Access the Frontoffice Layout section, under the Sales module

7. Click on the + sign (add) of an existing or newly created group

8. Choose the Gift Certificate you want to add form the inventory side menu

How do Gift Certificates work?

Customers can "book" gift certificates just like any other product in your Frontoffice.

After check-out, immediate payment will be required. Once they pay the full amount they will receive an automated email with an attached PDF containing the voucher code.

This code can be used at the check-out section of a booking to discount the quantity the gift certificate is worth.

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