When making a booking, it's possible to request everyone's email address, or just the booker's e-mail address. Bookinglayer offers three configuration options which define when an e-mail address is asked for.

  1. Request everyone's e-mail address

In your Frontoffice Settings, under Checkout and Guest Details, it's possible to request e-mail address from guests. 

 If this option is selected, the booking form will ask for everyone's e-mail address as shown in the picture below.

2. Request only the booker's e-mail address

If request email addresses from guests is not selected, the booking form will request only Bookers e-mail address. This, however, will still allow you to ask the ages, names, etc. from all the guests.

3. Group Booking 

In case you only need the information from one person, the booker, it is possible to configure a group booking mode for your items and packages. When this setting is selected, Bookinglayer allows the guests to select whether they want to leave just the information of one person. Later on they can still fill in the other guests' info in the customer portal. 

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