Bookinglayer is a booking software for travel agents, corporate housing, holiday accommodation and activity centres such as surf camps, yoga retreats, wave gardens and more. 

The system provides a direct booking form on your website, enabling your customers to book with you directly, instead of a third party website. It is easy to use and showing real-time availabilities in the calendar. Your Frontoffice can be customised to fit to your branding, it is responsive and secured with SSL. The Backoffice is made for you and your team to manage both bookings and workflow. It is just as easy to use as the customer interface and with your daily and weekly calendars you can manage and see bookings, and view arrivals and departures, activity schedules and transfer information.  

Bookinglayer has been designed to automise as many things as possible. Save time by automating your emails and online payments, view sales reports and integrate your accounting. Focus on more important things like planning and business development or just enjoy your free time. If you still wish to perform some things manually, you always have that option, of course. 

Bookinglayer is a SaaS which can be integrated with your company's website. 

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