If you have several identical rooms set up in the Backoffice, but don't want to display all of them in the Frontoffice, please follow the steps below and contact our support team to activate this functionality.

Set up accommodations with the same room type

1. Set up identical rooms in the backoffice with the same room type, i.e 3x Double Room:

2. For better visualisation in the frontoffice, choose the same Frontoffice title for the rooms with the same type, and a different Backoffice title for better management through the calendar and reports.

The Frontoffice will then display only one room per room type inside a package. It's important to note that, after the first room is fully booked, the system will present the following one, until they are all booked out.

obs: Since all Double Rooms are set up with the same Frontoffice title, users won't see the Backoffice titles such as: "Double Doom 1", "Double Doom 2", and "Double Doom 3".

This feature works only inside a package. Do you only offer accommodation and not packages? How to still display one room per room type at once?

Create a package that includes all the accommodation options with the same room type. For example, your business has three double rooms, three single rooms and three family suits. In order to present one of each in the Frontoffice, create three packages with the accommodation name. From client's perspective it will be the same as you would sell only rooms. 

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