1. SRS in accommodation

The SRS is a function that allows a customer to book an entire room that is usually offered as a shared room. For example, a customer who would like to privately book the entire 2 bed shared room, could be charged a "Single Room Supplement" in order to compensate for the loss in potential bookings for the other beds.

In the following example, there is a 2P shared room:

The Single Room Supplement can be added by clicking on the settings icon in the accommodation item's page.

The price is set as 100 EUR (1.) per person. The SRS rate is 50 EUR (2.)

1. After receiving or creating a booking for the Double Shared Room, click on Apply Single Room Supplement.

2. Bookinglayer will automatically apply the SRS to the booking:

3. An SRS line will also be displayed in the booking's order.

2. SRS in packages

SRS works in packages with auto pricing as the SRS rate is based on the accommodation and not the package. 

Important: The SRS rate cannot be set for a package and it doesn't work in packages created with the manual pricing logic. 

If an accommodation containing an SRS rate is added to a package, the SRS option will be displayed at the moment of their booking:

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