1. First click on Inventory Module

2. Click on Accommodation

4. Add an activity

5. Add a category, title, duration, pricing details and save

After you save the activity, you will be directed to the Settings page of the activity.

6. Select the Time Slots option and click on the settings icon in order to set them

7. Do not forget to save the time slots

8. Scroll down to the Pricing section

9. Add rates per person and quantity

The price is per activity, per person. So in the below example a Quantity of 2, with a price point of €15, means that when a customer selects 2 timeslots, the price will be calculated as 15x2 = €30 in total.

In the Frontoffice page, guests will be able to select different time slots, and the price will be updated according to your settings:

You can see the different time slots in the guests' order and also in your activity calendar:

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