Bundles are a combination of inventory items, which do not include accommodation. They should be used when you offer multiple items at a different price point than the sum of these items when added together.

For example, you want to offer a bundle of 5x Surf Lessons and 3x Yoga Lessons, but at a cheaper price when booked together.

1. Go to Inventory

2. Click on Bundles 

3. Click to add a bundle

4. Fill in the required information and save it.

5. In the Bundles' configuration, select the items you want to add to the bundle and their quantity.

In the example below, we've added yoga for 3x.

After adding the items to your bundle, make sure you navigate through the left side menu in order to complete the bundle setup.

You can offer a bundle as a single product in your Frontoffice or you can add it as a package item.

To know more about bundles, please refer to this section.

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