Bookinglayer allows you to setup discounts and coupons. They can be find them in the Inventory section.

Manually vs Automatic
When you mark a discount as automatic, the discount will be applied on every Backoffice booking provided the conditions of the discount are met by the booking. Manual discounts on the other hand, can only be added to an Invoice via the Backoffice.

Fixed vs Percentage
You can either set a percentage or a fixed amount (in case you work with multiple currencies you will have to set an amount for each currency). Before choosing the type of discount please read the next section.

How the discount is applied to the booking
Discounts are applied over the total amount of the booking. This is important to keep in mind when creating percentage based discounts. As discounts can be triggered when a certain package is present in the booking, the percentage is applied to the total amount of the booking - which could include other packages as well.

When applied to a booking the discount verifies if all conditions are met. You can currently set the following conditions for your discounts and coupons:

  • minimum number of persons in the booking
  • minimum number of nights
  • minimum booking amount (the total sum of all booked packages)
  • the period in which the discount is valid

Coupons are codes which you can use on your website or in your marketing expressions such as a newsletter or a Facebook post. The coupon can be filled in on the booking form by a customer and when valid the discount is applied. You can limit the number of coupons to give an incentive to early bookers.

You can configure your Frontoffice booking form to accept discount coupons in just a few steps.

1. Allow your customers to enter a coupon code during checkout by activating coupons in the Frontoffice settings. From your Backoffice, go to Settings and in the Frontoffice section select 'Check Out'. From here make sure that 'Accept Coupons is selected'.

2. Create your coupons by going to the inventory module and selecting the 'Discounts' tab. Click the button 'Add a coupon' and add the relevant fields.

Note that you can setup the discount to be either a fixed price or percentage of whatever the customers cart is.

Conditions can be set in the conditions tab to set minimum requirements that must be met in order to qualify for the discount code (minimum nights, spend or persons). If you are setting a fixed price discount be sure to set the minimum spend to at least the value of the discount.

The validity tab allows you to select specific products that will be eligible for the discount code that you are creating. If nothing is selected then all products will qualify for the discount.

3. You should now be able to test out that the discount works as expected by booking a qualifying product through the Frontoffice booking form and entering the discount code.

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