1. Click on Inventory

2. Click on Discounts

How to create a discount

Click on add a discount and fill in the form that opens on the right side of your screen.

Read more about manual and automatic discounts here.

Don't forget to save.

Finalise your discount by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the column.

Under conditions, set the conditions of the discount.

Under validity, choose the items that you want the discount to apply on.

You can also select just a part of the package if you don't want it to apply to all the items.

How to create a coupon

1. In the discount section, click on add a coupon

2. Fill in the sheet that opens on the right side

3. Create a coupon code to send to your clients.

4. Choose the maximum amount of redeems.

5. Choose the type of the discount

6. Save

Modify and set conditions and validity the same way as you do for discounts.

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