In your general Settings you have set a specific deposit amount that applies to all of your products (refer to this article). You can however, override this setting on two different occasions:

- For a specific product: you can set an individual deposit amount (which is different to the overall deposit amount you have set in your settings)

  • For a specific booking: you can set an individual deposit percentage or a fixed deposit amount (refer to this article)

How to set a unique deposit amount for a specific product. 

1. Click on the inventory module.

2. Open the inventory category

3. Open the product in which you want to change the default deposit percentage.

4. Scroll down to the Frontoffice tab.

5. Enter the deposit percentage in the "Overrule deposit" field

Please note that this percentage will overrule the default deposit amount that you have set in your settings module. (General Settings > Deposit & Last Minute).

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