For some items it makes sense to add them to your packages in groups. 

This is the case if you have several items that present alternatives to each other. You want to offer all of them at the same time, while making sure your customers can only choose one of them.

In order to group items while setting up a package

1. Scroll down to the Package Contents Section.

2. Click on Add a group.

3. Choose the type of inventory item you would like to add to the group. In this example we will choose Service items.

4. Add as many alternative inventory items you wish to be part of that group.
In this example we will choose all three services related to pick up transfers.

They will now show up under "Group A" in your package configurator:

5. By clicking on the item's name, you are able to further configure each item of that group. As the pick up services will take place on arrival day, in this example we set all three items as available on "Arrival Day".

In the Frontoffice, your guests and customer will now only be able to choose one of the three pick up options:

You can create as many groups as you like. In this example, you would want to create another Group B for all drop off services on departure day.

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