What is a package?

A package is simply a collection of different products grouped together under one umbrella and enables your business to offer customers a base level experience and also provides the opportunity to upsell on different accommodation, activities, services and items.

The package builder may seem complex at first, however once a few basic concepts are understood you'll be building packages like a pro in no time.

What is the package builder?

The package builder is what allows you to configure what options are set as your default level base package and also add optional extras, upgrades and alternative items for your customers to select if they want to customise their experience with you.

What is the most fundamental thing I need to know about a package?

The primary thing that you need to know about a package is that 'default' items are what is included in your package by, ahem, default. The base price for your package (the price initially shown to your customers after they've set their dates and pax) is defined:

  • in an auto priced package: as the sum of the prices of all default items included in your package; or
  • in a manual priced package: as the base price set in the 'pricing' section of your package product.

You are then able to include 'option', 'alternative' and 'upgrade' items to your package which allow your customer to modify their stay with you from the base package.

Ok, let's get package building:

Check out these articles to get you started building your first package:

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