In this article, we will explain the difference between AUTO and MANUAL pricing of a package.

MANUAL - The package will have a base price, and you need to set additional prices for each extra item you add to the package. Make sure to calculate the packages' base price according to your default items.

1. In the pricing section, choose the base price for the package, which will be the price of all default included items.

2. In this example, the package contains a tent accommodation and dinner by default. Therefore, these items are included in the price of €200 for the total package. Horseback riding and Rock climbing are optional items that can be upgraded. In the Package Configuration section, you will need to enter an additional price for your optional items.

3. When adding the rooms to the Accommodation options, you can add Upgrade rooms at an extra price.

AUTO - The package price will be the sum of all the items inside the package, taken from the price that has already been set in the other sections of the inventory.

The default items define the base price for the package. Optional items increase the price.

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