If you are trying to create a new booking, but you cannot complete it because of a"Not enough capacity" error (even though the room seems to have slots available) please check one of these questions:

1. Is it a private room?

If so, please notice that you cannot have a different guest being added in a private room when you already have a guest occupying the room.

In the example below, the guest Ann Helber has reserved the room and you cannot create a new booking for a new guest for the same room and dates without ticking the box Allow booking in occupied room.

In case you want to add different bookings and guests to the same room, you may want to change its status from a private to a shared room.

2. Is the room available for the total nights?

Sometimes the room is available for some nights but not for all the nights you've chosen within the guest's stay.

Please refer to this article for a better understanding on how to set room types.

In this example below, the guest David Fuentes could stay until the 7th of September in the double room, and after that he should change his room to double room 2.

Please see this article about the room transfer. 

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