With the Session Planner, you can allocate guests to certain sessions and assign an instructor. This enables you to easily manage your surf lessons, yoga classes and other activities and events on a certain day. 

How to add a new session to your session planner

1. Go to the Planning Module

2. Go to your Calendar

3. Click on the Session tab
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Within the session planner, you can see all bookings related to various activities taking place on the selected date (you can change the date by clicking on the date in the top left).
You can now assign your guests to sessions and instructors.

4. Select guests whom you want to allocate to the same session (in this example the guests are allocated to sessions according to their age, for example). Remember, the time of the session has to be the same for all guests in order to be able to create a session.

5. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the box and click on new session (selected)

6. Select an instructor you would like to assign to this particular session and hit save.

( 7. Repeat until all guests of the day are assigned to various sessions and instructors. )

Once you have assigned all guests and instructor, your session planner will give you a detailed overview of all daily activities, instructors and number of participants.

How to re-schedule individual guests or a whole session

If you want to re-schedule an individual guest from one session to another, just 

  1.  and click on the three dot symbol on the top right of the session box.
  2. Click on change session (selected) and choose a session you want those guests to participate in. 

You can also reschedule the selected guests to a different day and time, if you click on reschedule selected instead. 

If you want to reschedule a whole session, just click on the three dot symbol on the top right of the session box and select reschedule all.

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