The Financial Reports tab allows you to see various reports related to your business financials.

1. Click on the Reports module on the left side menu.

2. Click on Financials

Here you have tabs for different reports.


The first is a Summary report provides information about sales, revenue, deferred revenue, what's still receivable and amount of VAT that needs to be paid.

1.  Choose the year and currency you prefer to view

2. Note that each line has also summary of each quarter

3. In case you need more information about the section's meaning, please hover over this icon.

Payable VAT

The next reporting tab is a Payable VAT (or GST) tab, which displays your various custom tax types, if you have set these in your General Settings. If you do not have custom tax then this report will not display any information. The numbers here are generated from your existing bookings for the selected year.

Payment Methods

This is a report of your revenue broken down into various payment methods:

1. Period/Month

2. Payment method

3. Quarter summary

4. Amount of the payments per method and month

Partner Commissions

This report is only relevant if you work with partners. You can see a breakdown of commissions that you have paid per partner, per month.

1. This row shows all your partners

2. This row shows the payable amount of commissions per month/quarter/partner

Invoicing Report

The revenue report is a customisable report with multiple variables to select:

  1. Option to select on which date the report focuses, ie, based on booking date
  2. Year
  3. Period
  4. Currency
  5. Backoffice Categories
  6. Booking Status
  7. Export your customised report from here

Column descriptions:

1. The Item column will show your inventory items under the category that you have selected. This way you can compare which products are giving you the most revenue within a certain category.

2. The Gross Sales column indicates the revenue before tax.

3.-6. The VAT columns indicates the included tax amount of that revenue, if applicable.

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