To be able to see your bookings report, please contact our support team. 

To access your bookings report

1. Click on Reports Module

2. Click on Bookings

3. Filter whether you would like to view your bookings by package, bundle, accommodation, activity or service. Choose the time period, type, currency and category in order to get a more detailed breakdown of your received bookings

Let's clarify some of the columns displayed on the booking report table:

Arriving guests is the number of guests that hold the status "Confirmed", "Deposit Paid" or "Paid".

Bookings is the number of bookings that hold the status  "Confirmed", "Deposit Paid" or "Paid".

Cancellations is the number of cancelled bookings.

Revenues displays the amount of total booking value of included bookings and does not necessarily represent the value of the package. 

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