What is deeplinking?

Deeplinking is when the "Book now" button on your website links directly to a product on the Bookinglayer booking form, rather than displaying the two initial "category" pages. This is useful if your website has detailed explanations of your products, each with "Book now" buttons referring to them.

Additionally you can pass parameters in the URL which will preselect check-in & and check-out dates and number of guests. This is particularly useful for fixed date and one-off packages.

In a deeplink scenario we can optionally hide all other products in the booking form, and all other navigation links that would usually be displayed in the booking form, preventing the user from 'dropping off' the booking form onto another page. Your customer will land at a specific product and the only two options available are to proceed with booking that product or to navigate back to your website.

Note that if deeplinking is active it is an account level setting, which means that all products in your booking form will have this deeplinking setting active. It is not possible to activate deeplinking for some products but not for others.

Activating deeplinking for your account:

Simply copy and paste the URL specific to your inventory product, onto the relevant "book now" buttons from your website. Please see this article for more detail.

Pre-configuring product settings:

Follow this article to see how to preset start & end dates, duration and guests checking in.

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