1. Click on Settings

2. Click on General Settings

3. Click on Custom Fields

4. Click on Add a field  and a window opens op on the right side of your screen

5. Add Backoffice Lable that is visible only for you

6. Select if you want to attach it to a Guest, Booker or Booking

7. Choose the type of data you want to collect

8. Set the field visible in Customer Portal

9. Set Customer Portal label, this will be visible for your customers

10. Select whether this input is optional or required 

11. Don't forget to save!

After creating a custom field, you can see them in the modules you activated.

An example of the "Passport number" field that was enabled for all the modules:

1. Customer Portal

2. Day Planner

3. Arrivals and Departures

Please notice that you can also add custom fields to bookers or bookings.

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