If you have services such as airport or bus transfers, you can set up customized transfer locations in your settings.

1. Go to the Settings module.

2. Click on General Settings

3. Click on Transfer Locations.

4. Add a Transfer Location

5. Enter a Title for your new Transfer Location.

6. Enter an abbreviation, if applicable (it can help you to quickly identify this level in the Backoffice).

7. Select visible or hidden depending if you want your customers to be able to select this location through the Customer Portal. You may not want your customers to see your transfer locations but perhaps your staff need to see them.

Where does the Transfer Location field appear?

1. Customer Portal: All the locations you have enabled for guests to select will be shown in the Customer Portal page under the Arrival info tab.

Please notice that your guests can save this information so it will be automatically updated in your Backoffice.

2. Bookings page - You can quickly see and change the arrival details by clicking on the box below a guest's name on the bookings page.

3. Arrivals and Departures page - You can quickly plan ahead where to pick up and to drop off your clients by accessing the arrivals and departures page.

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