To integrate your Bookinglayer account with MyAllocator, ensure you have your MyAllocator account login and password ready.

Once you have a MyAllocator account click on the “Manage” tab and on the left hand side you will see a heading “Integrations” with “PMS Connections” below.

Room Mapping. 

You will need to set each individual Bookinglayer room as a ‘room type’ in your MyAllocator account. Your room title in Bookinglayer will be a room type in MyAllocator. See example below.

Room Title in Bookinglayer:

Matches Room Type in MyAllocator:

Note: all of your MyAllocator channels will also need to be set with the Room Titles of Bookinglayer. These channels have to be set up and mapped in Myallocator before you can move forward with the Bookinglayer integration.

Refer to this article for more information on room type settings in MyAllocator

In your Bookinglayer account click on the ‘MyAllocator’ tab in Settings > Integrations.

Here you will need to save your Username and Password in this section:

Save your details, refresh your page and you will see a drop down box for each of your rooms in the MyAllocator column.

Select from the drop down box the corresponding room type in MyAllocator to match the Bookinglayer room.

Your rooms are now mapped and both calendars from MyAllocator and Bookinglayer will sync. Whenever you receive a booking from any channel that you have set with MyAllocator, your Bookinglayer calendar will be updated in real time.

Your room rates need set in both Bookinglayer and MyAllocator, but Bookinglayer will be the principle calendar for availability.

Note: Do not adjust your availability settings in MyAllocator as this will lead to syncing issues. Always adjust availability from the Bookinglayer calendar and room settings.

Import Bookings

If you already have bookings in your MyAllocator account you will now need to click the 'Import Bookings' button in the bottom square.

Your Bookinglayer calendar will now have imported all the bookings that are already existing from MyAllocator.

Export availability

The final step is exporting the availability from your Bookinglayer calendar. This will now sync your entire availability with MyAllocator and all your relevant channels.

Your Bookinglayer account is now fully integrated with MyAllocator and your calendar will be updated in real-time with any new bookings received through your channels.

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