The rules module can set automated and pre-defined emails, based on different conditions and settings of a booking.

In this module, you can adjust which email is sent depending on a booking status, product or action taken.

Steps on how to set up rules

1. Go to the Settings module.

2. Click on Automation.

3. Click on Rules.

4. Click on Add a Rule.

A box to the right will appear where you can configure the rule settings.

5. Chose an email template that you want to apply a rule to.

6. You can send this email to bookers or to a specific staff member.

7. In the trigger section, you can choose the exact moment you want to send this email.

e.g. 2 days after booking

8. You can opt to send out this email to all the bookings you receive (any category + any item), or only when users book a specific product(s). You can also define whether the email should be sent out for the whole package and not all package items.

9. In the conditions section, you can set a specific booking status to receive this email.

10. To finish the rules setup, chose if you want to send out this email when receiving frontoffice bookings or to both backoffice and frontoffice bookings.

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