1. Go to the Settings Module.

2. Click on Integrations.

3. Select the Xero tab.

4. Click on Connect with Xero.

5. You will be redirected to the Xero website. Enter the name of your organization.

6. Click on Allow access.

Bookinglayer is now integrated with your Xero Account.

7. In order to have your invoices sent to Xero, you need to make sure that your tax rates are the same in both Bookinglayer and Xero.

To set up your tax rates accordingly, please go to the Settings module under the Tax Rates tab.

8. Click on the Edit button if you had already pre-set a tax rate before, or Add a new one.

9. Choose which Xero Tax Rate you want to relate to the Tax Rate you are editing.

10. Now, all your invoices will have an option where you can manually Send it to your Xero account.

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